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A Unique Advantage

LifeBrite Laboratories is a national reference laboratory that prides itself on an unparalleled customer-centric approach to toxicology testing. We know how critical and time-sensitive toxicology tests are, which is precisely why we always deliver the fastest results in the industry.

More importantly, we deliver the most accurate and reliable results, and we’re proud to say that they exceed industry standards. If you need toxicology results you can count on, LifeBrite Laboratories is your solution.

We’re a National Reference Laboratory

We realize patient care is directly affected by laboratory results which is why we are committed to providing the most accurate and reliable toxicology results within 24-48 hours from specimen receipt.

LifeBrite – A Commitment to Quality

All of us at LifeBrite Laboratories are incredibly committed to delivering toxicology results of the highest quality because that is exactly what enables healthcare professionals to effectively care for their patients. We treat every sample as a life that has been entrusted to us, which is why every single test we conduct has our undivided attention.

Our team of highly-skilled and dedicated toxicology experts with decades of experience under their belts, harness the power of the latest technologies and methodologies to provide you with the most accurate results. There is absolutely no room for error in any laboratory, and ours is driven by quality and a passion for helping people.

A Leading Atlanta Laboratory

LifeBrite Laboratories has been named the best medical laboratory in Atlanta for two years in a row, thanks to our remarkable team and our state-of-the-art instrumentation. We consistently enhance our customer service and all of our tests and equipment to make sure that all our clients’ patients are treated with the best possible care.

Test Menu

LifeBrite offers more than 100+ drugs and metabolites.

Turn Time

LifeBrite delivers rapid toxicology results within 24..

Welcome to LifeBrite Laboratories

LifeBrite Laboratories is a national reference laboratory, offering a unique medication compliance program to private practices.

Why Partner with LifeBrite?

LifeBrite Laboratories has decades of experience in providing reliable toxicology results. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to toxicology tests, which is why we always deliver them within industry-leading turnaround times. You provide toxicology results within 24-48 hours of sample receipt.

The Client Comes First

Our clients always come first, and we strive to empower them with insightful testing knowledge and customized analyses so that they can deliver high-quality treatments and patient care. We offer a unique medical compliance program to private practices, and we help healthcare professionals and various organizations effectively reduce medication-related risks, including medication misuse and substance abuse.

LifeBrite Features

LifeBrite Features
Pain Management
Addiction Clinics
Workers' Comp
Medication Reconciliation
Primary Care

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